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Marshall L.

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“In 2011, our family purchased an unimproved ranch in Southern Oklahoma. For the first couple years, we repaired or replaced miles of fencing, installed electric service, built water wells, and purchased livestock. Once that was complete, we looked at a lot of options before deciding to use Ulrich to build our cabin. There were several reasons that we chose Ulrich. After considering on-site construction, we determined that there were not any local contractors that we were comfortable with. The ranch is two hours from our home in Fort Worth. By using Ulrich, we were able to visit their shop in nearby Cleburne to monitor construction. Ulrich was the only company I found that would build and transport a 16 foot wide cabin. Most are 12 feet and a few are 14 feet wide. In my opinion, Ulrich builds a cabin that is very similar to building on site, but with less hassle. Unless I tell visitors otherwise, they usually assume the cabin was built on site. The day of delivery was a testament to the sturdiness of our cabin. A northern front had arrived on that day with wind gusts in excess of 30 mph. Considering the freeway driving speed, our cabin had a hundred mile per hour wind test for over two hours without any damage! Once the cabin arrived, the delivery driver found that he had an extremely tight location to maneuver in. Without needing to remove any of the large oak and hickory trees that surround the cabin site, the driver wiggled the trailer on to the foundation and off-loaded the cabin. In the end, he placed the cabin perfectly and leveled it just before dark. Within a few days, the porch crew arrived. They performed an excellent job on site. The porch really “makes” the cabin. On any building project, there will be unexpected issues that arise. Without exception, the Ulrich staff was very easy to work with and solved any concerns without hesitation. I will use them again.” Thanks again,

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