Jeremy K.

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Jeremy K.

Posted by eugene on November 21, 2011  /  in   /  Comments off

“We received our cabin about one year ago. We love our cabin, in fact it is the second cabin from Ulrich that we have purchased. Our first cabin we did the log style, turned out really nice. We no longer own that cabin because we sold the property. Our second one we did painted hardy plank to give the cabin a more Southern feel since our family ranch that has been in our family since the 1870’s, is in East Texas under the pines. The sales team was great to work with and the updates do the cabin are awesome, the first cabin we purchased did not have some of the features that this one has (mini split climate control, red cedar cabinets, etc.). We also purchased the front porch with this unit and it was installed fast and on time. When we have friends out to the cabin they cannot believe how it looks on the inside, that all say “we did not expect this”. We are very proud of our cabin and the way the whole experience turned out. Thanks Ulrich Team.”

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