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Larry B.

Posted by eugene on April 30, 2017  /  in   /  Comments off

“My first experience with Ulrich was in 2013 when I purchased a 40 by 60 building from Steve Barrett an outside sales person for Ulrich. At the time, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, wall heights, location of doors, entry door and how it would fit on the building site. Steve knew his stuff, the local building codes and when it should be built. The building went up on schedule with no leaks. This experience with Ulrich made them my first and only choice when I went to purchase a log cabin for my dad to live in. My dad and I visited the sales office in Fort Worth and the sales person was very helpful with all the details. He showed us how the cabin was made and all the extras that went into the cabin. He made us an appointment with the sales manager in Cleburne Texas and once we toured the factory, we were sold. The workmanship in the shop was unbelievable. The details of the cuts were better than my $350,000.00 home. We purchased the cabin and within weeks it was being delivered to my land. Everyone that comes by wants to go inside and see. Should we ever consider downsizing, I will look at the 2 or 3 bedroom cabins. We are very happy with Ulrich.” Best Regards,

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