Golden R. Acres Senior Center

Welcome to Ulrich Log Cabins

Golden R. Acres Senior Center

Posted by eugene on April 30, 2017  /  in   /  Comments off

“Ulrich Cabins has gone to the Dogs! Here is a picture of our two Ulrich Log Cabins that we use for our Golden Retriever Rescue. Each of the 3 rooms has a dog door to allow the Retrievers access to the covered porch or they can take the walkway down to the patio for some meet and greet in the sun. The cabins have been great and are very well constructed. Especially nice are the individual AC units for each room. We have received many favorable reviews of our operation which are directly attributable to the cabins. Ulrich, we can’t thank you enough for such a great home and to all of the responsive people who work there! Thank You,”

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