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Find a Good Lender

If you do not have a personal relationship with your bank, financing of a log cabin can differ slightly from your traditional mortgage. Ulrich has some partnerships with lenders that can help you turn your dream of the cabin living life style into reality. If you have a good working relationship with your banker, more often than not, Ulrich Cabins recommends working with your current bank.

Most banks require a minimum credit score of 700, 2 years of tax returns, no bankruptcies and a debt to income ratio of 35-40%. Feel free to call Ulrich Cabins to discuss your lending needs.

Land Loans and Construction Loans

If you are just beginning to chase the dream of a log home living life style, it all starts with finding the perfect piece of land to settle down on. Most banks outside the major chains will lend you money for land. The loans are typically structured 25% Down, 15-20 Year Terms with variable rates.

Your lender can also provide you with a construction loan, which will allow you to fund the construction of your new log home the day you close on your land. Once your new cabin is complete, your lender will typically combine both the land and construction loans into one long term product to fit your needs and budget. Please call Ulrich Cabins to discuss other details needed for to present to your bank/lender.

Equity Loans

All lenders will require either a down payment or they may be able to off-set the down payment with an equity loan, meaning, they can tie equity you have in your current land to the loan. If you own the land with no liens against, financing is very easy with an equity loan against the land.

Be Your Own Lender and Make Some Money

A popular trend we are seeing more and more of, are clients borrowing from their retirement or 401k penalty free. Basically, you are borrowing money from yourself, paying back yourself and making money off yourself, while adding to your retirement portfolio. Speak with your 401K or retirement fund agent about this secret success of lending.