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Feels Like a Vacation Retreat

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Bill and Mayra Richardson from Hockley, Texas, were looking for a weekend home so they could spend time at their ranch. They wanted a good quality, durable, beautiful house without paying for a new build.

Researching log cabins online, they found Ulrich Log Cabins. They visited the factory to watch the building process. Bill says, “The people we met that were actually doing the construction stopped what they were doing, they spoke with us, they answered our questions.” He could tell the builders were “quality people who actually care about what they’re doing.”

Sales associate Chris Fenn was personable, trustworthy, and easy to work with, showing the Richardsons in detail how the cabins were built. The model cabins felt like a vacation retreat, and Bill and Mayra decided on a 16×52 Homestead cabin. They liked the high ceilings and the two-bedroom, two-bath model. They appreciated being able to customize the interior layout of the home.

All went well with the delivery of the cabin. In the year since, weekends have been filled with family times, boating, and fishing at the ranch. The cabin is at the heart of all their family celebrations. One of the Richardsons’ favorite features of the log cabin is the big front porch, where they drink coffee on the weekends and enjoy the view. “We use it for weekend retreats with the family,” Mayra says.

The Richardsons love their Ulrich log cabin. Bill says, “Anytime you make a purchase this large, it’s important to know you can trust the people you’re dealing with.” He is enthusiastic about working with Ulrich Log Cabins to build the cabin of Mayra’s dreams. He says, “From the minute I started talking with them to when they finished the porch, it’s been a pleasurable experience.”

The Perfect Getaway

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When Steve Donovan wants a break from his job on the road, he heads out to his hunting cabin near Rock Springs, Texas.

“I’ve been hunting out here for 10-12 years and always wanted to have a place out here,” he says. He wanted something off the beaten path with a view from a hill. He found raw land he loved in the free-range hill country, land with no utilities or even a road.

Once the site was prepared, Steve wanted two cabins which would be turn-key, but he knew that dealing with construction companies would take a lot of time and hassle. He loved the simplicity of working with Ulrich Barn Builders.

Donovan and his wife met with Ulrich sales associate Chris Fenn. Fenn made them comfortable throughout the process of looking at model cabins, considering options, and making plans. Chris accommodated all the changes Steve requested.

Steve chose Ulrich’s 32×44 foot Moose Creek cabin, the perfect size for his family which includes three daughters and their families. The 14×32 foot Bear Lake cabin is used by hunters or other visitors.

With service manager Carlos and his crew, the delivery process of the finished cabins went well. Steve says the Ulrich Barn Builders cabins are “built solid as a rock.” He loves all the wood incorporated into their design. It offers a rustic, hunter’s look with a homey feel. “They’re set up beautifully, they work beautifully, and they’re designed beautifully,” Steve says.

Donovan enjoys spending time at the cabins with his family away from the city, enjoying the hill country, the views, and exotic wildlife in the area.

He says, “I don’t get out here often enough. This is heaven out here.”