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Ulrich Cabin – Exactly what they wanted

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After Dave and Jane Slater retired, they looked for a hideaway, a vacation spot. They found 36 acres of land near Milano, Texas and wanted a secluded cabin to put on it.

The Slaters’ wanted a well-built cabin for themselves, their children, and their future grandchildren. They found Ulrich Log Cabins online. When they toured the Cleburne factory, they could see the quality of the cabin construction.  It was exactly what they wanted. With the type of materials used, build quality, and Ulrich craftmanship, Dave says, “It’s the finest cabin I’ve been able to find out on the market.”

Starting with a 16×36 Park model, the Slaters modified the cabin plans to suit their needs. They wanted a loft for extra space for children to sleep in. They also wanted more counter space in the kitchen and a bigger shower and bathroom.

Their site was remote and hard to reach, but “Ulrich did what they said they were going to do. They did it on time, and every component of it was very professional,” Dave says.  

Visiting their cabin feels like camping—but with all the amenities. “It’s completely relaxing,” Jane says. “You can feel your blood pressure lower as soon as you get here.” The Slaters spend their time encouraging native plants and trees to grow on their land. 

“We’ve enjoyed it more than we ever expected,” Jane says. “We can’t go a week without coming out here.”

Dave loves their cozy and peaceful cabin too. “It’s the smartest thing we’ve ever done,” he says. “It’s exactly what we wanted.”

Space for the Grandkids

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Richard and Debra Craig expected to retire next to a golf course. But one thing led to another, and they ended up developing 26 acres of raw forest near La Grange, Texas into their own little slice of paradise with room for family. 

Family is super important to the Craigs, so when they built their primary residence, they designed it with enough space for one of their daughters and her family to be able to spend time with them comfortably.

However, when their other daughter and her family returned from overseas, they wanted to know where they would stay when hanging out on the Craig’s property. So the couple began shopping for a small cabin that they could bring in to accommodate an additional family.  In other words, space for the grandkids. 

Whether by chance or by destiny, Richard stumbled upon an Ulrich cabin in the area, and took a picture of the Ulrich brand insignia on the cabin. He went home and researched our company, and liked what he saw.

Richard and Debra made the several hour trip to our factory in Cleburne to see our cabins in person and talk to one of our Ulrich Cabins design consultants.

They settled on a 14×34 Homestead, complete with a full kitchen and two bedrooms. The bedroom space for the grandkids features a set of bunk beds. A day bed in the main living area makes so that the cabin can accommodate a total of five people. Also, their bathroom has a bathtub to accommodate the younger children.

Having just completed building their primary residence with a traditional home builder, the couple loved how much easier it was to work with Ulrich.

“I don’t normally give anybody 5 stars,” says Debra, “But from the very beginning to the end, everything Ulrich represented themselves to be, you know, was actually what it was.”

Every commitment they made to us, they met,” says Debra.

A Home on the Mini Ranch

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Bill and Brenda Piganelli of Crowley, Texas, spend their workdays serving people as a firefighter and as a Family Nurse Practitioner. During time off, they enjoy spending time in the country caring for their livestock and pets on their 12-acre mini ranch. 

Some years ago they purchased a small Ulrich Barn Builders cabin so they could stay on the land over weekends. Eventually, they decided to move to the ranch permanently in order to better care for their animals and enjoy more time outdoors. 

The Piganellis wanted the cabin built more quickly than regular contractors could. They toured the Ulrich Barn Builders lot, then spent several years dreaming over house plans for their mini ranch. “When we met with the salesperson, it was a breeze. We got all our options, the way we wanted all our rooms to be,” Brenda said. 

Bill and Brenda were happily surprised by how individualized the Ulrich cabin could be. They chose a 28×42 Moose Creek Cabin, eliminating the hallway and one closet, swapping out a desk in the kitchen for more cabinets, and modifying the bathroom. 

“We always wanted a log cabin, but not necessarily the log look,” Bill said. Because Ulrich Barn Builders can customize any building, the Piganellis were able to get the cabin feel with cedar wainscot on the bottom half of the walls, with pine for the upper half and the ceiling.

The couple was surprised at how fast Ulrich was able to build and deliver their new cabin. They were also impressed with Ulrich’s service. After the cabin was delivered, they found a few glitches with the electricity. These were quickly resolved when one of the Ulrich electricians stopped by on his way home from work the same day to fix the issues.  

The cabin is angled on a rise so the Piganellis can enjoy the view for miles out over the valley. “We’re just real excited about living here,” Brenda says.

Retirement Cabin Fulfills Her Dream

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Ever since vacationing in Colorado years ago, Julie has dreamed of  having her own retirement cabin. After retirement from her teaching position, Julie decided to move closer to her daughter and sister in the Bryan, TX area.

Before she retired, Julie had a 3 bedroom home in San Angelo, but she decided she really didn’t need a large home in Bryan. She just needed enough space for herself and her dogs.

Julie obsessed for months over the design of her retirement cabin. With Ulrich Design Consultant Tonya Johnson’s help, Julie settled on a 16×48 ft Ulrich Log Cabin. Julie loved touring the Ulrich cabin factory and seeing the cabins under construction.

Located not far from Lake Bryan, Julie’s site was on a small paved road, and is nestled in dense forest. Julie had the land cleared and the needed utilities installed in preparation for the cabin’s arrival. 

The cabin features a single bedroom and bath, a small kitchen, laundry, and a dining and living area. Julie wanted her porch to face the woods, rather than the road. She loves reading and relaxing on the porch, especially when it rains.

Julie really likes the quality of the cabin. She’s had almost zero maintenance, and her highest electric bill has been $80. 

“Everyone that’s going to retire or needs a vacation home should go to Ulrich,” she says, “Because they will get you exactly what you want.”

For Julie, living in her own cabin is a long time dream come true.

Painted Moose Creek Cabin Fits the Bill

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Roger and Jill Graham purchased six acres outside of Austin, Texas about five years ago, dreaming of building a guest home for family and friends. Looking into plans for building a custom home, the price was too steep. 

They found Ulrich Cabins in an internet search for custom home builders. When the Grahams brought the house plans to our team, our designers turned those plans into their dream cabin, customizing every part of the 24×26 ft Moose Creek cabin, down to the location of electrical outlets. Jill says their Ulrich designer Johnny Salazar looked for ways “to get to ‘yes'” to their requests. 

Jill and Roger added extra windows in the kitchen and living room for a light, airy feel. The cabin is finished with gray Hardie style siding and white trim. The window in the front door sports a Texas star. 

During the build, Ulrich Cabin sent updates and photos from the production team. The Grahams went back to the factory to give the nearly completed cabin the final approval.

“The design of the Moose Creek appealed to us because we liked the higher ceiling with the dormer windows,” Jill says. The main room is paneled with white-washed pine. The bedroom is big enough for a queen bed as well as a stackable washer and dryer. 

Roger appreciated that the cabin was not built on-site.  This eliminated construction mess on their land. “It just shows up one day, and they piece it together,” he says. “And it’s done.”

Keeping Dad Close By

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As you get into late retirement, you need to make some important decisions. What kind of housing can I afford? If I need care, where will I live? Should I choose a nursing home, assisted living community, or move in with my kids?  For the kids, keeping dad close by is important.

About four years ago, Leroyce Burchfield and his wife were in the process of building a new 3000-square-feet home. Before they finished building their home, Leroyce’s wife passed away. 

Now in his eighties and widowed, Leroyce didn’t want a large home to maintain. At the suggestion of his son Larry, they came to our factory in Cleburne to check out our log cabins. Larry and Leroyce liked what they found and chose the Bear Lake Cabin, our one-bedroom model that includes a kitchen, bath, and living area.

They placed the cabin on the same land as the larger home, where Leroyce’s son Larry lives. This way Larry has dad close by should he need assistance. For Leroyce, it’s a great arrangement that lets him stay near family. It’s privacy without isolation.

Leroyce really likes his cabin, although in retrospect he recognizes that a two-bedroom model would be really nice. A little more space would make it easier to keep things organized and tidy.

The living area is where he spends most of his time. He has it outfitted with a giant TV screen, a nice recliner, and a desk for his eschatology research and web browsing.

“I enjoy it,” says Leroyce, “real nice, real nice.”

A Cabin Expert Buys a Cabin

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Jim Rolewicz co-owns Scenic Hill Vacations in Brenham, Texas. Jim is no stranger to cabin construction. His company has built twelve cabins on location for their vacation rentals which makes him a cabin expert. 

When it came time to build a cabin for his personal use, Jim didn’t want to go through the hassle of building a cabin from scratch on his property. He started looking around for cabin builders who offered a prebuilt solution — something he could simply move onto the property, already finished out.

He liked what he saw online, and visited our headquarters in Cleburne for a factory tour. He was impressed with the construction quality and attention to detail. Brian Pokrifcsak, our Vice President of Cabin Sales, worked with Jim to customize the windows and interior layout. Rather than selecting a two bedroom cabin, Jim purchased a separate Ulrich cedar cottage to serve as his office and laundry room next door.

About three months later, Jim’s new cabin rolled up to his property. Given the recent rain and narrow driveway, getting the cabin into position was a challenge. Our crew persevered, and soon Jim’s cabin was set up and ready to use. 

Jim wishes they had known about us years ago. It would’ve saved this cabin expert a lot of hassle and headache if they could’ve skipped the on-site construction, and instead had their rental cabins pre-built and delivered.