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Twin Cabins Serve as Deluxe Guest Quarters

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Steve and Lorrie Freshour wanted a place where they could escape the congestion and the day to day of city life in Houston. They bought a 400 acre ranch near Palestine, TX and built a barndominium as the property’s main residence.


The couple enjoyed hosting friends and family at the ranch, so they begin looking for a way to accommodate guests more comfortably, especially their parents. They wanted something a bit more rustic than their main home — a cabin where guests could have their own space.


Steve and Lorrie began shopping cabin builders. Impressed by the reviews our prior customers had posted online, the couple decided to come to Cleburne to take the factory tour. They loved the detail of the Ulrich cabins and began to work with Ulrich Sales Consultant Tonya Johnson to design the layout. They were pleasantly surprised to find that we didn’t charge extra for the customization.


They settled on two 16×40 Ulrich Bearlake Series Cabins — one for Lorrie’s parents and one for Steve’s parents.

The cabins have been a great hit with guests. Lorrie’s father Charles loves relaxing on the front porch with his morning cup of coffee, soaking in the peaceful morning scene.

Lorrie’s mother Susan is impressed with how much storage space the kitchen has. “We have a nice pantry with roll-out drawers and I just don’t feel cramped at all,” she says. “In fact, I made a turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving in my little kitchen and it wasn’t a problem.”

Lorrie’s says her parents used to visit less frequently, but now that they have their own cabin, they come about once a month.

“From the time we started dealing with Tonya, till we had our punch list taken care of, everything has been done very, very much to our satisfaction,” says Lorrie.

“We really have been impressed to the point where in my mind I’m saying, ‘OK, when are we going to put some more cabins in?’”

“Eventually I’d love to do that.”

Ulrich Cabin Triples Family Time at Ranch

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Located about 4 ½ hrs southwest of Austin, Independence Creek Ranch has been in the Buchanan family for over a hundred years. John, his wife Stacey, and son Connor enjoy spending time with family and friends at the ranch.

The existing cabin on the ranch was used by the hunting lessee. The Buchanans wanted a cabin that would be completely their own.

“I wanted to have a place where we could come out, spend our time, have a place to call our own and be able to start to pass along the importance and the meaning that this [land] has to our family, to my son.”

John likes to do a lot of research before buying a big-ticket item. When the couple stepped inside an Ulrich cabin for the first time, they loved the fact that it smelled like wood, not like plastic.

The couple settled on a 16×48 ft Ulrich Rocky Ridge cabin in a two bedroom, two bath configuration. They love the dual loft design, which allows Connor to have one end for a bedroom and the other end for a play space. The second bedroom on the main floor serves as the guest bedroom.

John and Stacey loved working with the team at Ulrich Cabins.

“We’ve been involved now in I don’t know how many construction projects over the past 20 years,” says John. “It was hands down the easiest and most enjoyable.”

Our mission at Ulrich cabins is to help families live more memorable lives. With such a comfortable place to stay, the Buchanan’s time at the ranch has easily tripled or quadrupled since they purchased their cabin.

Ulrich Cabins at Summer Camp

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Camp Huawni is a summer camp nestled in the East Texas woods. Started over 50 years ago by Earl Adams, the camp is now operated by his grandson Travis Adams. The camp’s mission is LTK, which stands for Love The Kids.

Several years ago the when the Adams family needed more accommodations for camp staff and family, they decided to check out our finished log cabins. Besides wanting a quality building, they also needed a reasonably quick turnaround time.

When Mike (dad) and Travis (son) visited our manufacturing facility here in Cleburne, they liked what they saw. They settled on a 16 x 38 ft cabin and a 16 x 52 ft cabin, both with two bedrooms. The smaller cabin has a kitchenette and the larger cabin features a full kitchen.

Because the camp’s existing cabins feature a dark brown siding, the Adams family chose a matching dark brown finish for their Ulrich cabins. Mike cleared a section of dense forest and set the two cabins several hundred yards apart.

The Adams family have found our cabins to be low maintenance and easy to heat and cool with our mini-split ductless units. The Adams family especially love the front and back porches we installed on both cabins.

Camp Huawni hopes to add more Ulrich cabins in the future. We appreciate your business, Travis, and wish you and your team the best as you LTK!

New Motorcyle Themed Cabin Park

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Gordon Cook and Jennifer Green have been motorcycle enthusiasts their entire adult lives, so they know a thing or two about where to find the best motorcycle roads in Texas. One of those roads is near Pipe Creek, a small town located about an hour northwest of San Antonio.

The couple noticed, however, that there didn’t seem to be any good places to spend the night in this part of the Texas Hill Country. So they decided to solve that problem for other bikers with a motorcycle themed cabin and RV park. It’s called Al’s Hideaway, named after Jennifer’s grandfather Albert, who was a WWII Prisoner of War.

The park features six of our Ulrich Log Cabins. Each cabin is 14×20 ft, with a 6 ft covered porch. Inside, the cabins feature king sized beds, a large shower, microwave, and mini-fridge. Each cabin has a large headboard with a unique design. One of the headboards, of course, showcases an image of a motorcycle.

Gordon and Jennifer also built a spacious pavilion for group events. It features an outdoor kitchen area built with reclaimed pallet lumber and burned wood plywood.

Gordon and Jennifer didn’t want their guests to have all the cabin fun, though. The couple purchased our spacious Moose Creek series cabin for their home, as well as our Bearlake series cabin for Jennifer’s mother. Both cabins are situated on the same property as the cabin park.

The Liney Moon Gets Triplets

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“That’s probably my favorite, is knowing that the Liney Moon is a part of a lot of people’s families, due to the memories they’re making there.” – Caroline Bradford

The Liney Moon is a unique “hotel” tucked away in the Central Texas hill country near Dripping Springs.

The idea for the venue was born when owners Caroline and Stephen Bradford got married. There were options for wedding venues around Dripping Springs, but they had trouble finding exciting lodging for their guests. So they decided to solve that problem for other couples by starting The Liney Moon.

The Liney Moon began with the “Stellar House,” the main building with lodging, kitchen, and leisure amenities. With the Stellar House being booked every weekend, the Bradfords quickly looked at expanding their capacity. They decided to add ten Ulrich cottages in a horseshoe shape, a short walk up the hill from the Stellar House.

The Stellar House is great for larger groups, and the Horseshoe Cottages are great for couples. But the Bradfords wanted to add an “in-between” option. Enter the Triplets. Caroline worked with Brian Wrinkle, Ulrich Cabin consultant, to design the Triplets. The Triplets have much of the same modern design ethic as the Cottages. However, instead of the steel siding, these three cabins feature a painted exterior. While they look small from the outside, they can comfortably sleep six, due to their unique bunk bed arrangement.

Ulrich Cabins has been an important part of what Caroline and Stephen have been able to create. “I don’t think there’s another company out there like them,” says Caroline, “and could’ve done a better job, more efficiently than they did.

With the addition of the Triplets, the Liney Moon can now host a group of 70 people. In addition to wedding parties and guests, the Liney Moon is also a great option for corporate off-sites. For corporate events, guests get the best of both worlds: they can enjoy their own private, comfortable cabin without needing to commute to a different location for the night.

So go ahead and book your stay — enjoy the stars, and the Liney Moon!

Camp Thurman Part 4

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You wouldn’t imagine finding a wooded oasis in the middle of the city. However, that is just what our friends at Camp Thurman have created.  Located in Pantego, TX, is a summer camp for children of all ages teaching leadership and teamwork with a Christ Centered-set of values.  Hosting an average 7,000 students each summer, Camp Thurman had several needs for Storage that Ulrich was happy to meet.  

Camp Thurman has grown rapidly since opening in 1969, and this year added their largest pool project; The Sea of Galilee, and Nile River.  With a total of Three Pools, Water Slides, Water Fountains, and a Lazy River, there is certainly the need for a Pool House.  The camp has two in total;  one shed houses pool toys, life vests, and miscellaneous supplies; and the other hosts Pool Chemicals.  

The Shed containing Chemicals needed to be in a particular spot that proved difficult to maneuver.  However, our driver Tim Glick worked hard into the wee hours of the night to ensure that the building was set exactly the way they needed it. He also carefully blocked and leveled to ensure they would never have issues with the doors, so it can always be safely locked for the protection of the young campers

Camp Thurman Part 3

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With 14 acres of thick woods and hosting 7,000 kids per summer, Camp Thurman finds plenty of need for daily maintenance.  With their use of many of tools, lawn equipment, and ATV’s the camp saw the need for a few storage sheds.  Ulrich provided Camp Thurman with two storage sheds and a portable garage.

There will always be lawns to mow, and trees to be trimmed to keep the camp clear and safe for the kids.  The first shed houses tools, they need to maintain all of the bridges, rock walls, picnic tables, and equipment on the property.  Counselor “Tarzan” is happy to swing to the rescue fixing anything that has broken around Camp.  

You will also see Manager “Buckwheat” driving through on his ATV checking in on staff and campers alike.  His vehicle and others are kept safe from the weather in their dual entry portable garage.  

What you may not see is the quiet oasis that Camp Thurman has set up secretly behind their sheds and offices.  A quiet place for Staff to relax, BBQ and enjoy each others company, after a long day, working with young campers.  The walls of their Ulrich Buildings provide security to the items inside, as well as a sanctuary of the space created outside their walls.

Camp Thurman Part 2

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Camp Thurman hosts an average of 7,000 campers per year. Each of those young campers are eager to climb, jump, run, swim, play and get messy, and with that, some of them will scrape a knee, get sick, or possibly worse. The camp decided they needed an onsite medical building. With the name “Samaritan Inn” proudly posted above its door, each camper is cared for with selfless care as the Good Samaritan cared for the Traveler in Jesus’ Parable (Luke 10:25-37).

The nurses station was installed in December of 2014. It was a tight squeeze to be installed exactly where they needed it. However, the Ulrich Drivers carefully maneuvered the building into just the right position. Once in place, the building was stocked with everything needed. One staff nurse, as well as a few young assistants, care for the kids who need them.

While visiting Camp Thurman, I was stepped inside the Samaritan Inn as a young boy exclaimed “That’s The Hospital! I Hate Hospitals” I chuckled to myself thinking about how right he is. No one likes the hospital. However, it’s always a comfort to know that it will be there when you need it. The same goes for Camp Thurman’s Nurses’ Station. Built with quality, it will be there for the next camper with a bug bite, upset tummy, or sprained ankle who walks through its door.

Camp Thurman Part 1

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First impressions set the tone for all the relationships that follow. Camp Thurman wanted to set the tone of a warm, inviting environment. They looked to Ulrich to create that warm space, with an Ulrich Log Cabin Office. Once you enter Camp Thurman, you will find two Ulrich Log Cabin Offices. The Main office houses the Full-Time Staff. Two administrative desks sit at the front of the office, and the rear office belongs to manager Blake Bowman.

The second office is for Blake’s Brother, Bart. As Director of Operations, Bart ensures that things are running just as they should be. Although his office is also used as a bit of overflow for additional storage, he is glad to have the space he needs to organize his projects.

There is also a third office housing the staff that organizes the Night Campers. The evening camp allows kids to enjoy the same activities as the day campers. However they arrive, just as the day campers are leaving, so they meet on the opposite side of the camp to avoid confusion, thus the need for their own office.

Look at This

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“Look at this” Mike May told his wife, as he shut off all the lights in their Ulrich Cabin. Sitting on their front porch miles away from any city light pollution, a sea of stars covers their 75-acre ranch in Mt. Vernon, TX. A far cry from their city home located just five miles outside of downtown Dallas, they like to get away from the hustle and bustle of Dallas and enjoy life at a slower pace from time to time.

Nearing retirement, Mike, and his wife decided they wanted more use of their acreage in the country. They have owned the land for some twenty years now and finally decided a log cabin would suit their needs. Mike met with Vice President of Cabin Sales Brian Pokrifcsak and decided on a one room all cedar hunting cabin.

Upon walking inside the finished cabin, you are met with the aroma of fresh cedar and leather, as Mike and his wife meticulously decorated the space with cowhides and a leather sleeper-sofa that fits so well in the cabin. You feel right at home in this cozy cabin, tucked up in the woods. We hope Mike and his family will enjoy life at a slower pace in their new log cabin.