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Welcome to Ulrich Log Cabins

Ulrich Cabins Provide 5 Star Accommodations for Rodeo Champions

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Kenny Hague and his wife Jo Goertz-Hague are the owners of Crooked Creek Ranch, a 1000 acre ranch near Hamilton, Texas.

Kenny and Jo are the founders of Equine Champions for Christ, a Christian rodeo camp for youth. ECC brings in famous rodeo champions to instruct and mentor the youth. Clinics include bull riding, team roping, horsemanship, bull fighting, and barrel racing.

The organization’s goal is not only to teach rodeo skills, but to teach students about the foundation of champion performance: Christ, education, family, and then the sport.

Hamilton is a very rural part of texas, and lodging can be in short supply. The Hagues decided to build a lodging park for their preachers and instructors. They didn’t want rough bunkhouses, however. They wanted 5 star accomodations for their guests.

Jo is a real estate buff, and the style of the Ulrich Log Cabins suited her really well. Kenny liked the build quality of our cabins.

So far they’ve purchased six Ulrich cabins. The four smaller cabins are compact 16×18 ft models, in a studio configuration. The two larger cabins are very popular as family cabins, featuring two bedrooms plus loft space.

When the cabins aren’t in use by Crooked Creek Ranch and Equine Champions for Christ, they are available for vacation rentals.

Kenny recommends Ulrich Log Cabins for two reasons:

The build quality is superior to other mobile housing options
You can customize an Ulrich cabin to your needs and wants

Where Every Day is Christmas

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Eddie and Monetta Reyes are the owners of Reindeer Ranch at Round Top, a guest ranch for visitors to the bi-annual Round Top antiques fair.

Eddie and Monetta are on a mission to share the spirit of Christmas — love — with their diverse guests. The ranch slogan is “Where Every Day is Christmas.”

In keeping with their theme, the Reyes named each cabin after one of Santa’s reindeer. Their largest cabin is fittingly named Rudolph.

The couple found us online, and worked with cabin design consultant Tonya Johnson to plan the details of their guest cabin. They settled on a 16×52 ft Ulrich Log Cabin from our Homestead series.

Monetta wanted the lighting, in particular, to help create the perfect holiday mood. To that end, almost all the lights in the cabin feature dimmer switches, including the edison lights on the front porch.

The cabin “Rudolph” doesn’t have a shiny red nose, but it does have a distinct copper colored metal roof and extra dark log siding. The front features a full length porch, and the back has a smaller porch.

The Christmas tree in the living area stays put all year long, and every room has a touch of Christmas in the decor.

The cabin has been a success for the ranch. Guests are wowed by the warm, Christmas themed atmosphere and the quality of the cabin. Monetta says the guests always assume it was built in place like a traditional home.

The Reyes plan to add several more Ulrich cabins in the future, giving guests a range of cabin sizes to meet their needs.

Monetta particularly enjoyed working with Tonya on the project. “I really value that Tonya was an out-of-the-box thinker, she says. “Together, we were able to stay within the budget and really, exceeded my expectations.”

Ulrich Cabin a Great Choice for Vacation Rentals

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Stan and Kay Myers are the owners of Brazos House Retreat, a vacation rental property close to the Brazos River near Glen Rose, TX.

The couple has had vacation rentals for a number of years now but decided more recently to add another cabin to their portfolio — this time an Ulrich cabin.

Stan and Kay worked with Ulrich Cabin Design Consultant Brian Wrinkle to design their 14×34 ft Ulrich cabin. They settled on the Hardie-style exterior, painted a coppery brown color.

Inside, the cabin is laid out in a compact two bedroom, one bath layout. It features a nice kitchen with generous cupboard space and an open living area.

Delivering the well-built cabin was a challenge. The Myers’ lane twists and turns up the steep slope to the top of the hill. The Ulrich crew unloaded the cabin off of the truck at the bottom of the hill, then using two all-terrain forklifts, slowly made their way up the steep climb.

After the cabin was safely in place, we built a porch over the front door, overlooking the Brazos River Valley. The Myers hooked up the utilities and installed a nice rock skirting around the bottom of the cabin.

The Myers like that their Ulrich cabin is sturdy, tight, and energy efficient.

“I would recommend Ulrich for anyone that wants to put in a rental cabin,” says Kay, “Or even a home to live in.”

Ulrich Mega Cabin the Perfect Gathering Place

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Frank and Sharon McEachern are city dwellers who bought 500 acres in rural Paradise, TX for weekend getaways. They loved hiking and exploring, but they couldn’t host family and friends in their little “shack.”

Fast forward 12 years, and the McEacherns started looking for a way to build a spacious cabin. They didn’t want to hire a traditional general contractor who would build on site, since they couldn’t be out at the property enough to ensure that the building would be built to their satisfaction.

They started looking for a cabin builder who could deliver the assembled cabin to the property, already built. Sharon researched extensively, even visiting a company in Tennessee. But no one could deliver a ready-built cabin with the size the McEacherns needed.

Sharon wanted three bedrooms, a spacious dining room for a large table, and a play space for the grandkids. With the help of Ulrich Cabin Design Consultant Tonya Johnson, Sharon was able to check all the boxes.

We delivered the cabin to the site in two sections, and then connected them together in position. We built the porch on site after the cabin was in place.

The final result was a 32×62 ft mega cabin with a full length, extra wide porch. High ceilings and a large, open concept design make for a wonderfully spacious living area.

The McEacherns spend most weekends and holidays at the cabin. Sharon especially loves the view from the porch, looking out across their private lake.

Sharon describes the Ulrich culture as having “A real service mentality, which I greatly respect.”

Sharon loves the quality of her cabin. “It’s way above average,“ she says. “I would recommend it to my son, my daughter, you know — people you tell the truth to.”

Family Fun at the Lake House

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How do you get your teenagers to spend more time with Mom and Dad? Vee Hanssen and her husband Keith decided a lake house might be just the ticket.

The Hanssen’s teenagers love surfing and wakeboarding, and the Ulrich cabin-turned-lake house has been a hit.

Vee worked extensively with Ulrich Cabin Design Consultant Brian Wrinkle to perfect the details of the layout.

Borrowing from the trendy Scandinavian style, the Hanssens settled on an all pine interior. The result is a clean design that leans a bit more modern and a little less rustic than the typical Ulrich cabin.

After the cabin was delivered, the Hanssens added a porch, outdoor bathroom, and custom tile shower. The porch features cable style railings and a misting system to keep the Hanssen’s cool on those warm summer afternoons.

Vee loves the view over Possum Kingdom Lake, and her dog Daisy enjoys frequent dips in the cool lake water. It’s been great — the teenagers love playing on the water and Keith and Vee have a comfortable spot to relax when it gets hot.

Vee is extremely impressed with the quality of the cabin.

“I wanna say thank you to all the guys and gals there at Ulrich that made the process pleasant,” says Vee. “I just love my cabin and I just want to thank you so much — and hope to do it again!”

Ulrich Cabin Brings New Life After Barn Burns

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Leah Rummel owns a semi-rural property near Austin, Texas. She had a nice big barn for her donkeys, goats, and chickens. Sadly, it caught fire and burned.

While all the animals escaped unharmed Leah didn’t have the energy to build another big barn in its place. She wondered what she could put in its place that would be already built, and could just be moved into that same spot and set up.

Her search led her to Ulrich Cabins, and cabin sales consultant Tonya Johnson. Leah brought a friend and came to see our factory in Cleburne.

Tonya showed her actual cabins being built in the factory and walked her through our display units. Leah then worked with Tonya to design the perfect multi-use space.

Designed to fit the dimensions of the barn, the cabin measures  14 x 24 ft. It features a spacious bathroom, a tiny loft, a storage nook, and a kitchen. Leah knew she wanted to put a murphy bed in the main living area, to keep it as flexible as possible.

Additionally, it was important to have privacy between the cabin and her main home, while at the same time allowing natural light. The solution was to include a dormer facing the main home, with two windows installed near the roof line.

The cabin looks great on the property and works wonderfully as a multi-use space. It serves as a pool house when Leah’s special needs son and his classmates come over to swim. When her brother visits from Italy, he can comfortably stay in the cabin for several months at a time.

Leah has had a great experience with Ulrich. “I got to design what I wanted, which was really great,” she says. “And it came back the way I wanted it.”

Does the Ulrich Warranty Cover This?

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John and Stacey Buchanan own a ranch about 4 ½ hours west of Austin, only about 45 miles from the Mexico border.

Built in December of 2016, the couple really enjoys spending time on the ranch in their Ulrich cabin. They loved how easy and enjoyable it was to purchase their cabin, but recently they had the opportunity to put the Ulrich warranty to the test.

The light fixture over the kitchen sink appeared to have quit working, and a couple of the interior doors needed adjustment.

John was ready to work on the light himself, but he decided to call Ulrich in case our warranty would cover the issue.

John was able to schedule the repair for a convenient time when he had planned to be at the cabin anyway.

Gustavo Garcia, one of our skilled builders, hit the road at about 4:00 a.m. to make the 5 ½ hour drive to the ranch.

The Buchanans report that the work was done “Quick, fast, professional.” John is psyched to have his light working again, and his interior doors adjusted as well — free of charge.

“The aftercare, the service after the fact, the warranty work . . . the little things that we’ve had done have been fantastic,” he says.

Twin Cabins Serve as Deluxe Guest Quarters

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Steve and Lorrie Freshour wanted a place where they could escape the congestion and the day to day of city life in Houston. They bought a 400 acre ranch near Palestine, TX and built a barndominium as the property’s main residence.


The couple enjoyed hosting friends and family at the ranch, so they begin looking for a way to accommodate guests more comfortably, especially their parents. They wanted something a bit more rustic than their main home — a cabin where guests could have their own space.


Steve and Lorrie began shopping cabin builders. Impressed by the reviews our prior customers had posted online, the couple decided to come to Cleburne to take the factory tour. They loved the detail of the Ulrich cabins and began to work with Ulrich Sales Consultant Tonya Johnson to design the layout. They were pleasantly surprised to find that we didn’t charge extra for the customization.


They settled on two 16×40 Ulrich Bearlake Series Cabins — one for Lorrie’s parents and one for Steve’s parents.

The cabins have been a great hit with guests. Lorrie’s father Charles loves relaxing on the front porch with his morning cup of coffee, soaking in the peaceful morning scene.

Lorrie’s mother Susan is impressed with how much storage space the kitchen has. “We have a nice pantry with roll-out drawers and I just don’t feel cramped at all,” she says. “In fact, I made a turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving in my little kitchen and it wasn’t a problem.”

Lorrie’s says her parents used to visit less frequently, but now that they have their own cabin, they come about once a month.

“From the time we started dealing with Tonya, till we had our punch list taken care of, everything has been done very, very much to our satisfaction,” says Lorrie.

“We really have been impressed to the point where in my mind I’m saying, ‘OK, when are we going to put some more cabins in?’”

“Eventually I’d love to do that.”

Ulrich Cabin Triples Family Time at Ranch

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Located about 4 ½ hrs southwest of Austin, Independence Creek Ranch has been in the Buchanan family for over a hundred years. John, his wife Stacey, and son Connor enjoy spending time with family and friends at the ranch.

The existing cabin on the ranch was used by the hunting lessee. The Buchanans wanted a cabin that would be completely their own.

“I wanted to have a place where we could come out, spend our time, have a place to call our own and be able to start to pass along the importance and the meaning that this [land] has to our family, to my son.”

John likes to do a lot of research before buying a big-ticket item. When the couple stepped inside an Ulrich cabin for the first time, they loved the fact that it smelled like wood, not like plastic.

The couple settled on a 16×48 ft Ulrich Rocky Ridge cabin in a two bedroom, two bath configuration. They love the dual loft design, which allows Connor to have one end for a bedroom and the other end for a play space. The second bedroom on the main floor serves as the guest bedroom.

John and Stacey loved working with the team at Ulrich Cabins.

“We’ve been involved now in I don’t know how many construction projects over the past 20 years,” says John. “It was hands down the easiest and most enjoyable.”

Our mission at Ulrich cabins is to help families live more memorable lives. With such a comfortable place to stay, the Buchanan’s time at the ranch has easily tripled or quadrupled since they purchased their cabin.

Ulrich Cabins at Summer Camp

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Camp Huawni is a summer camp nestled in the East Texas woods. Started over 50 years ago by Earl Adams, the camp is now operated by his grandson Travis Adams. The camp’s mission is LTK, which stands for Love The Kids.

Several years ago the when the Adams family needed more accommodations for camp staff and family, they decided to check out our finished log cabins. Besides wanting a quality building, they also needed a reasonably quick turnaround time.

When Mike (dad) and Travis (son) visited our manufacturing facility here in Cleburne, they liked what they saw. They settled on a 16 x 38 ft cabin and a 16 x 52 ft cabin, both with two bedrooms. The smaller cabin has a kitchenette and the larger cabin features a full kitchen.

Because the camp’s existing cabins feature a dark brown siding, the Adams family chose a matching dark brown finish for their Ulrich cabins. Mike cleared a section of dense forest and set the two cabins several hundred yards apart.

The Adams family have found our cabins to be low maintenance and easy to heat and cool with our mini-split ductless units. The Adams family especially love the front and back porches we installed on both cabins.

Camp Huawni hopes to add more Ulrich cabins in the future. We appreciate your business, Travis, and wish you and your team the best as you LTK!