Hundreds of happy CABIN OWNERS

Herb & Libby B.

“For several years I contemplated how I could build a little cabin on some acreage that has been in my family for over a hundred years. We considered putting an RV on the property, but that didn’t seem right. We concluded that the best route might be a pre-made building that could be transported to the property. We searched for the right company to build our cabin and when we found Ulrich, we stopped searching. Our cabin is everything and more that we imagined. They took our ideas and improved them. My “tiny house” is better built than the “big house” we live in. It is compact, but has room for everything we need. We can hardly wait to get another one on our property. Our next step is a pavilion. When we thought about who would build it, of course, our first choice was Ulrich. I would recommend Ulrich Cabin and Barn Builders to anyone. The craftsmanship is amazing, the personnel friendly, and the result pleasing.”

Larry B.

“My first experience with Ulrich was in 2013 when I purchased a 40 by 60 building from Steve Barrett an outside sales person for Ulrich. At the time, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, wall heights, location of doors, entry door and how it would fit on the building site. Steve knew his stuff, the local building codes and when it should be built. The building went up on schedule with no leaks. This experience with Ulrich made them my first and only choice when I went to purchase a log cabin for my dad to live in. My dad and I visited the sales office in Fort Worth and the sales person was very helpful with all the details. He showed us how the cabin was made and all the extras that went into the cabin. He made us an appointment with the sales manager in Cleburne Texas and once we toured the factory, we were sold. The workmanship in the shop was unbelievable. The details of the cuts were better than my $350,000.00 home. We purchased the cabin and within weeks it was being delivered to my land. Everyone that comes by wants to go inside and see. Should we ever consider downsizing, I will look at the 2 or 3 bedroom cabins. We are very happy with Ulrich.” Best Regards,

Camp T.

“As a growing and expanding camp we are always in need new storage areas or facilities to help us keep pace with our enrollment. We needed a partner to work with that could provide us the buildings we needed in short turn times and for a great price. We found our solution in Ulrich buildings! Our very first experience with Ulrich made us feel like we were working with someone we could trust to look out for us. From the professionalism during sales -to the incredible customization -to the second to none craftsmanship- to the fantastic service of the delivery, Ulrich far exceeded our expectations! Currently, Camp Thurman has 12 Ulrich buildings on our property and based on the relationship we have with their team, we know that we will continue to add to that number as each need arises. We count it a blessing to have found a partner in Ulrich!” Blake Bowman Executive Director

Rebecca M.

“Dr Bass says, “In twenty years, I have never seen my wife as excited as when the truck arrived!” I said that everything we asked for while customizing our Ulrich Cabin was met with “Yes, M’am!”

Lori & Mark C.

“We are extremely pleased with our Ulrich cabin! The quality and craftsmanship inside and out are what sold us. Ulrich delivered on every point of our purchase. We just wish we had another property so that we could get another one!”

Louis & Angelina D.

“We purchased a custom log cabin from Ulrich Log Cabins in 2013, received it in the Fall of 2014. It was a very long process due to the Parish we live in. Brian Pokrifcsak /Ulrich Log Cabin Sales Manager was so very patient with us thru all we had to endure with our Parish for our permit. We would do it all over again. Our cabin exceeded our expectations. It really makes this Louisiana family feel like we live in the Mountains, our favorite vacation area. Everyone that sees our cabin LOVES it and can’t get over the craftsmanship. Ulrich really stands by their warranty; they have been quick to solve our little problems. We would really recommend Ulrich Log Cabins to anyone wanting a log cabin they really come thru with the Best.”

Victoria G.

“We are so proud of our Ulrich cabin. We get so many compliments and questions about who built it, how much we were able to customize it…I feel like I could help sell them down here!! It’s a beautiful cabin, a beautiful home, and it’s everything we hoped for!”

Golden R. Acres Senior Center

“Ulrich Cabins has gone to the Dogs! Here is a picture of our two Ulrich Log Cabins that we use for our Golden Retriever Rescue. Each of the 3 rooms has a dog door to allow the Retrievers access to the covered porch or they can take the walkway down to the patio for some meet and greet in the sun. The cabins have been great and are very well constructed. Especially nice are the individual AC units for each room. We have received many favorable reviews of our operation which are directly attributable to the cabins. Ulrich, we can’t thank you enough for such a great home and to all of the responsive people who work there! Thank You,”

Jim and Michelle H.

“We absolutely love our Ulrich Cabin. Our cabin is located on our farm in Wheeler County Texas. It is very well insulated from the extreme cold and hot weather we have in the Texas Panhandle. We stay toasty warm and very cool. When it rains you can hardly hear it. We recommend Ulrich Cabins to everyone.” Sincerely,


“This has been one of the best purchases that I have ever made. It has only been about 7 months and we have been to our new Ulrich Barn cabin countless times. I have had some daddy daughter weekends, some friends weekends, and even a couple Paw Paw and granddaughter weekends. I put some bunk beds in the cabin and the girls love it when we go. I think Ulrich Cabins is top notch and would recommend them to anyone. I will actually buy another small storage cabin soon. Thanks again for helping create some memories that will last a life time.”

Jen Z.

“We used to wait all year for a week of cabin living-Until we bought a Cabin from our friends at Ulrich Cabins and enjoy cabin life-every minute of everyday”

Marshall L.

“In 2011, our family purchased an unimproved ranch in Southern Oklahoma. For the first couple years, we repaired or replaced miles of fencing, installed electric service, built water wells, and purchased livestock. Once that was complete, we looked at a lot of options before deciding to use Ulrich to build our cabin. There were several reasons that we chose Ulrich. After considering on-site construction, we determined that there were not any local contractors that we were comfortable with. The ranch is two hours from our home in Fort Worth. By using Ulrich, we were able to visit their shop in nearby Cleburne to monitor construction. Ulrich was the only company I found that would build and transport a 16 foot wide cabin. Most are 12 feet and a few are 14 feet wide. In my opinion, Ulrich builds a cabin that is very similar to building on site, but with less hassle. Unless I tell visitors otherwise, they usually assume the cabin was built on site. The day of delivery was a testament to the sturdiness of our cabin. A northern front had arrived on that day with wind gusts in excess of 30 mph. Considering the freeway driving speed, our cabin had a hundred mile per hour wind test for over two hours without any damage! Once the cabin arrived, the delivery driver found that he had an extremely tight location to maneuver in. Without needing to remove any of the large oak and hickory trees that surround the cabin site, the driver wiggled the trailer on to the foundation and off-loaded the cabin. In the end, he placed the cabin perfectly and leveled it just before dark. Within a few days, the porch crew arrived. They performed an excellent job on site. The porch really “makes” the cabin. On any building project, there will be unexpected issues that arise. Without exception, the Ulrich staff was very easy to work with and solved any concerns without hesitation. I will use them again.” Thanks again,

Jeremy K.

“We received our cabin about one year ago. We love our cabin, in fact it is the second cabin from Ulrich that we have purchased. Our first cabin we did the log style, turned out really nice. We no longer own that cabin because we sold the property. Our second one we did painted hardy plank to give the cabin a more Southern feel since our family ranch that has been in our family since the 1870’s, is in East Texas under the pines. The sales team was great to work with and the updates do the cabin are awesome, the first cabin we purchased did not have some of the features that this one has (mini split climate control, red cedar cabinets, etc.). We also purchased the front porch with this unit and it was installed fast and on time. When we have friends out to the cabin they cannot believe how it looks on the inside, that all say “we did not expect this”. We are very proud of our cabin and the way the whole experience turned out. Thanks Ulrich Team.”

Kathy M.

“In the spring of 2014 I decided to purchase a double cabin from Ulrich to replace my home that had burned to the ground earlier that year. After a meeting with Brian to work out the details, size, porches, flooring, etc the cabin was started. I moved in the home in early July and I absolutely love the cabin. Steve was the person overseeing everything and kept me informed about every detail. The quality of materials and the workmanship was far better than I anticipated. There has not been an issue with anything that hasn’t been handled professionally and quickly. The cabin is beautiful and well built. I couldn’t have made a better choice.” Sincerely,

David L.

“Ulrich Cabins was great to work with from day one and including the delivery of our cabin. We were very impressed on the workmanship and professionalism throughout the whole process. We enjoy our cabin tremendously!”