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Cabin Porch the Perfect End To the Day

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Les and Cindy Yoakum were burning a brush pile on their land in rural west Texas. Noticing the view, they thought it would be neat to have a cabin with a porch in that clearing in the woods. As they looked into log cabin kits, they found Ulrich Log Cabins online.

Cindy says, “They had the best website, and they had the best cabins going, and they were near enough we could drive there.”  As a general contractor for 49 years, Les wanted to see how Ulrich cabins were built. He was impressed by the solid framing. 

Cindy and Les did not want to cut down any of their trees to bring the cabin in, so they chose a 16×40 cabin. The original floor plan had two bedrooms, but they put a loft over the kitchen and eliminated the second bedroom. This meant the cabin was small enough it could be brought in between their trees. Cindy says, “It’s a good weekend size, and it’s functional.” 

Ulrich Log Cabins are very customizable. Cindy liked having so many options, with choices of floor plan, interior finishes, wood stains, lighting, and more. Working with cabin designer Brian, she says, the Yoakums got exactly what they wanted. 

Les was happy to buy the cabin ready-built from Ulrich Log Cabins because it was less expensive than he could build it himself. 

The Yoakums added decorative stone to the cabin’s foundation, as well as concrete walks. They furnished the cabin with rustic furniture. Their grandchildren enjoy sleeping in the loft over the kitchen.  

The cabin’s front porch faces west, overlooking a small pond. Les and Cindy love to sit on the porch, drinking sweet tea, watching the sunset, and listening to the coyotes and frogs—the perfect way to end their day.

A Better Home Building Experience

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Tom and Emilia Mason of Henderson, Texas, wanted a weekend home near relatives. After eight years in China for Tom’s job, Emilia wanted to reconnect with her grandchildren. She had a piece of family land cleared for a home near her relatives.  It was the beginning of a home building experience.

While visiting Tom’s granddaughter who had an Ulrich cabin, Tom was impressed by the craftsmanship. The Masons made an appointment to tour model homes at the Ulrich Cabin Builders sales lot. Within five minutes of walking into the first model cabin, the Masons felt comfortably at home, convinced they also wanted an Ulrich cabin. 

Sales associate Chris Fenn patiently guided the Masons as they worked through customizing their 32×44 Moose Creek Cabin, explaining possible options. Emilia has a large family, so she wanted a large living room and space for a big dining table. “Porches are one of my favorite things. I love my porches,” she says. 

Tom does the cooking and wanted a big, custom kitchen. “Chris was great to work with all the way through,” Tom says. “The customer care that Ulrich provides is beyond anything that a normal contractor would even think about. Ulrich has done everything we’ve asked.”  Ulrich strives to provide a better home building experience.

While the Ulrich team was building the porch, Emilia realized she wanted certain details changed. The crew immediately figured out how to accommodate her wishes. 

“Not only does Ulrich build the product correctly, their sense of pride and the way they handle themselves with their customers is pretty unique,” Tom says. “If something is not exactly right, we’ll discuss it,” finding the best approach to fix it. 

The Masons say their Ulrich Moose Creek Cabin fits them perfectly. Laughing, they explain, “This is our last home. This is where we’re going to stay.”