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Family Fun at the Lake House

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How do you get your teenagers to spend more time with Mom and Dad? Vee Hanssen and her husband Keith decided a lake house might be just the ticket.

The Hanssen’s teenagers love surfing and wakeboarding, and the Ulrich cabin-turned-lake house has been a hit.

Vee worked extensively with Ulrich Cabin Design Consultant Brian Wrinkle to perfect the details of the layout.

Borrowing from the trendy Scandinavian style, the Hanssens settled on an all pine interior. The result is a clean design that leans a bit more modern and a little less rustic than the typical Ulrich cabin.

After the cabin was delivered, the Hanssens added a porch, outdoor bathroom, and custom tile shower. The porch features cable style railings and a misting system to keep the Hanssen’s cool on those warm summer afternoons.

Vee loves the view over Possum Kingdom Lake, and her dog Daisy enjoys frequent dips in the cool lake water. It’s been great — the teenagers love playing on the water and Keith and Vee have a comfortable spot to relax when it gets hot.

Vee is extremely impressed with the quality of the cabin.

“I wanna say thank you to all the guys and gals there at Ulrich that made the process pleasant,” says Vee. “I just love my cabin and I just want to thank you so much — and hope to do it again!”

Ulrich Cabin Brings New Life After Barn Burns

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Leah Rummel owns a semi-rural property near Austin, Texas. She had a nice big barn for her donkeys, goats, and chickens. Sadly, it caught fire and burned.

While all the animals escaped unharmed Leah didn’t have the energy to build another big barn in its place. She wondered what she could put in its place that would be already built, and could just be moved into that same spot and set up.

Her search led her to Ulrich Cabins, and cabin sales consultant Tonya Johnson. Leah brought a friend and came to see our factory in Cleburne.

Tonya showed her actual cabins being built in the factory and walked her through our display units. Leah then worked with Tonya to design the perfect multi-use space.

Designed to fit the dimensions of the barn, the cabin measures  14 x 24 ft. It features a spacious bathroom, a tiny loft, a storage nook, and a kitchen. Leah knew she wanted to put a murphy bed in the main living area, to keep it as flexible as possible.

Additionally, it was important to have privacy between the cabin and her main home, while at the same time allowing natural light. The solution was to include a dormer facing the main home, with two windows installed near the roof line.

The cabin looks great on the property and works wonderfully as a multi-use space. It serves as a pool house when Leah’s special needs son and his classmates come over to swim. When her brother visits from Italy, he can comfortably stay in the cabin for several months at a time.

Leah has had a great experience with Ulrich. “I got to design what I wanted, which was really great,” she says. “And it came back the way I wanted it.”